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Magnets 8 Magnifique


While Telangana may be the youngest state, that by far has not stopped it from metamorphosing into one of the biggest and fastest-growing real estate markets. The construction industry is witnessing massive development across the state, and this is just the beginning. The establishment of a four-lane National highway, the inauguration of a highway corridor between Hyderabad and Warangal, and the improved commuter connectivity between the Twin cities are proof of a smooth transformation of the state into a prominent commercial and residential hub. There are also thousands of acres of land within the vicinity of Aleru, ideal habitat for many, and government-sponsored projects like Singapore Township resulting in a massive upsurge in land values.

At Magnets, we guide you through uncharted territory to find that perfect piece of land to build your dream space. Raw, untested land is a hands-off investment is why Magnets is here to provide the ideal solution to your land dreams at the most affordable rates.

We have come up with a new and fully developed DTCP venture Magnets VIII Magnifique at Kolanupaka. The epitome of trust, excellence and the entrepreneurial spirit, our project has been helmed by pioneers in the field. Our team comprises dynamic real estate professionals, architects, engineers, town planners, and hospitality and marketing professionals; fully dedicated to fulfilling customer expectations. Our company is steered forward by a first-generation managing director who is a perfect example of ingenuity and versatility, having been in the field for over two decades. At Magnets, we approach every undertaking with integrity and the assurance that every stretch of land we acquire shall continue to be a beacon of ideal living.


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