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Magnets Infra & Services Limited

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At Magnets infra & services LTD, we strongly advocate the cause of Corporate Social Responsibility CSR. We initiated CSR activities five years ago, beginning on the 16th of November 2017. Since its conception, we have pledged to feed breakfast to a minimum of 200 impoverished people on a daily basis. As of now, we have completed close to 1800 days of CSR activities and have no intention of stopping. 

Hunger and undernutrition are problems that have plagued society since the beginning of time. At Magnets, we believe in dealing with these problems through collective responsibility and mutual support. Our solution to this problem is the creation of a program that allows us to provide the underprivileged with their morning meal. We have made this an extensive part of our CSR outreach programme, as a means to minimise food wastage and eliminate hunger and malnutrition. We also ensure that the quality of food served is on par, and adequate precautions are taken to avoid health hazards.

Service is at the foundation of every business, and at Magnets, this is our way of helping solve the problem of starvation rampant in today’s world. This means that we allocate a certain amount of funds toward carrying out CSR activities.

We have carried out breakfast drives at both Niloufer and Osmania hospitals, undertaken by our Magnets team. We also expanded the outreach of our food program to several areas by organising local distribution drives at different orphanages across the city. The responsibility for executing this initiative was handed over to all the teams.

We strongly feel that businesses that practice corporate social responsibility tend to boost their communities, the economy and the environment. CSR is essentially a form of self-regulation that allows us to be held accountable for our principles and practices and ensures our commitment to a good cause, i.e., the well-being of our society through various environmental and social measures.

At Magnets, CSR plays a key role in its core brand perception, client appeal, employee and investor satisfaction, and overall business success. We are also planning further assignments to encourage environmental initiatives, charity work, ethical labour practices and volunteer projects.

At Magnets Infra & Services LTD, our goal is to give back to society with the best we can do and to provide encouragement to others to take up a similar approach.

In today’s socially aware environment, it is our responsibility to ensure staff and client fulfilment considering their investment of time and money. Businesses that prioritise CSR with complete authenticity are a reflection of values and objectives that best align with today’s morally stern social culture.

At Magnets, we practice what we preach by using our abundant resources to conduct local community programs that provide daily sustenance to the underprivileged. We firmly believe that even the smallest of efforts can make the mightiest of difference.